About us

Jordi Escribà - Founding Partner


He holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from the University of Barcelona (UB) and a Masters degree in International Relations from the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI). He has more than fifteen years of professional experience in the field of business development and fundraising, having acquired an excellent understanding of international donors and multilateral organizations (especially the European Union), along with their funding strategies and procurement processes.

This experience ranges from conceptualization, design and formulation of projects, to search for funds, project management and training. Jordi has developed his working experience in the Catalan Business Support Agency (ACCIÓ) and in the European Commission in Brussels. Since 2014 he is a cofounder of B.LINK. He has implemented collaborative projects in the EU, Latin America and North Africa. His experience with EU programmes covers Erasmus +, COSME, Creative Europe and inter-regional cooperation programmes (INTERREGs and ENI CBC MED).

He has proficient communication skills in Catalan, Spanish, English and French.



Marta Rojas - Founding Partner


She holds a University degree in International Business from the University Pompeu Fabra and a Master in Business and Development Studies from the Copenhagen Business School (Copenhagen). She has gained more than 12 years of experience in project conception with social and economic agents from both the public and private sectors, in its design and formulation, following the logical framework approach, as well as in project coordination, management, monitoring and closure. She has profound knowledge of grant management and procurement policies and procedures, especially of the European Union.

Before founding B.LINK, she has worked at the UNITED NATIONS Secretariat in New York City, RAMBOLL MANAGEMENT (International Danish Consulting firm) and at ACCIÓ (Agency for Business Competitiveness of e Government of Catalonia), where she acquired profound knowledge of an array of European Union programme regulations and rules as well as methodologies and tools for project management. She has sector expertise within private sector development, competitiveness, innovation and entrepreneurship, and social inclusion and poverty reduction. She has hands-on experience on EU-funded projects under programmes such as COSME, H2020, ERASMUS+, INTERREG, ENI CBC MED, REC, amongst others.

She has working experience in Latin America and North African and the Middle East. She has advanced reporting skills and has proficient communication skills in Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Portuguese



Nicolas Espitalier - Partner


He graduated in Economics and Engineer in International Trade and Finance from the University of the Mediterranean (Marseille, France).

He has worked for more than 16 years in the field of European projects, from design to closure and evaluation, including the setting up of transnational partnerships, the formulation, implementation and monitoring of activities, and in particular in the field of business competitiveness. From 2011 to 2015, as Project Officer at the Joint Secretariat of the INTERREG MED programme, he was involved in the design of European policies: as responsible for the "Innovation" axis. Nicolas was in charge of drafting the call for proposals (Terms of Reference), evaluating, tracking and capitalizing projects.

Since 2015, he has returned to the coordination of strategic projects and offers his experience in the management and coordination of complex projects. It has a clear vision of the objectives, expectations and resources available in numerous programs of the European Commission (INTERREG, ENI CBC MED, H2020, IMI, ERASMUS +; COSME, etc.). Through the consultancy and training services of B.Link, it offers an accompaniment from the public administrations in its internationalization.

Finally, Nicolas is fluent in the communication, either as the main speaker or as a moderator of conferences. Has full proficiency in French (mother tongue), English, Spanish and Catalan.



Florianne Yvon

blink florianne

Florianne holds two master’s degrees in International Relations and Language Sciences as well as a university degree on Latin America and the Caribbean. She has experience in project development, formulation and management, from the project’s design until its completion. She also has good financial management and monitoring skills, that contributed to an efficient resource management of projects she worked on.

Before joining B.LINK, she used to work for the international network of Instituts and Alliances françaises, where she contributed daily to the implementation of the cultural diplomacy of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs through numerous projects aiming at strengthening bilateral cooperation and promoting French culture and language. As a full member of the House of Europe consortium, she actively participated in the elaboration and formulation of a pilot programme for the EU External Action Service, with the objective of developing people-to-people exchanges between Ukraine and the European Union in no less than eighteen fields.

In addition to being fluent in English, Spanish, Catalan and French, she has excellent intercultural management and communication skills that she developed during the last seven years she has spent living abroad and working in multicultural teams.

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Marianella Botta


Marianella holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the Rosario University (Colombia), a Postgraduate degree in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building from the Pontifical Javeriana University (Colombia), and a Master’s degree in International Development from the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI).

She has previously worked for the Colombian Presidency’s National Unit for Disaster Risk Management in collaboration with a wide range of multilateral organisations, governments and European cooperation agencies such as AECID and GIZ, where she developed skills managing international and development cooperation projects in the specific fields of Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management. She has wide experience working for relief and humanitarian operations on the ground, specifically the management and coordination of migrant shelters in partnership with international organisations such as UNICEF, The Red Cross, IOM, UN Women, Save The Children and ACNUR.

After completing her Master’s degree, she worked for the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) where she actively supported the implementation of EU funded projects in programmes such as H2020, URBACT and INTERREG in the Smart Cities field.

Marianella has full proficiency in English, Italian, Spanish and Catalan.

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Natyra Zhjeqi


Natyra holds a Master's degree on Globalisation, Development and Transition, having been a Chevening Scholar studying at the University of Westminster, London, UK (2008). For more than fifteen years she has managed and supervised projects, designed development strategies for organisations, cooperated with government institutions and the private sector, and has contributed to fundraising for numerous local and international organisations in Southeast and Southwest of Europe. Natyra has participated in crucial processes of state building and transition in post-war Kosovo working with key organisations and multilateral donors such as United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and EU.

Notably coordinated a wide public-outreach campaign on Martti Ahtisari’s Comprehensive Proposal for Status Settlement preceding the declaration of Kosovo's independence. In many organisations, including the Czech non-for-profit ‘People in Need’ where she was the Head of Mission for Kosovo, she designed projects aimed at social inclusion, protection of human rights, whilst simultaneously carrying out advocacy campaigns on policy making with a special focus on vulnerable groups.

As an international consultant, with expertise on international development and countries in transition, Natyra worked also with the Barcelona International Peace Centre, in the international specialised training program for civilian personnel working in the field of crisis management and post-conflict reconstruction. Natyra has extensive experience with bilateral and multilateral donors such as the EU and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) among others. This experience allowed Natyra to display sociability and adaptability to work in multi-levels with civil societies, governments, Embassies, and multilateral and bilateral donors.

Her knowledge of several languages in various proficiency levels such as Albanian, English, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian, and Bulgarian represents an added value to her international experience. .

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