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AWAKEN - Awakening European Sleeping Instruments
09-2019 a 08-2021
Cooperation projects
EU GRANT: 200,000 EUR
Project leader
Ajuntament de Ripoll
Project partners
TROB'ART PRODUCTIONS (FR), Paraplevros Productions E.D. Ltd (CY), Associazione Culturale Labyrinth Italia (IT), MÚSICA MODAL A CARDEDEU (SP)

The main objective of Awakening Sleeping Instruments in Europe (AWAKEN) is setting up a transnational cooperation mechanism, made of public and private cultural operators, in order to recover, recreate and to promote musical instruments from the Middle Ages, a common cultural heritage of several EU countries. By achieving this goal, the project will reconnect European citizens with their common past, transmitting important values, spirit, traditions and stories of the Middle Ages Europe through the magic of music and its instruments. AWAKEN involves the recreation of the instruments depicted in wood or other mean, with professional musicians from CY, ES, FR and IT making them sound again to a wide and new public. This project will enable at least 50 musicians and singers to travel abroad and perform in front of wide and international audiences, while exploring new professional opportunities through a significant number of meetings with cultural agents. 80 concerts will be organised around emblematic medieval monuments to attract visitors’ attention, which will be complemented by awareness raising seminars and educational workshops about the reconstruction of instruments. Special remark to the VR travelling exhibition, projecting tangible heritage from the 4 countries during the concerts and shows. The whole strategy will be supported by a sound communication and dissemination strategy, including the edition of 1000 pedagogical CD-Books with live recordings. Another key output is the Online Educational Platform, where 20 music teachers will provide training to at least 500 people interested in medieval music and history. Finally, the Final Congress will deliver main project conclusions and recommendations, inviting key European stakeholders to know more about the main project research and outputs. This Congress will be supported by the final and biggest AWAKEN concert.

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