SCOW - Selective Collection of the Organic Waste in tourist areas and valorization in farm composting plants
01-2013 a 12-2015
EU GRANT: 4,400,000 EUR
Project leader
Agència d’Ecologia Urbana de Barcelona
Project partners
Development Agency Gal Genovese (IT) Local Councils’ Association (MT) House of Water and Environment (PS) Upper Galilee Regional Council (IL) MIGAL – Galilee Technology Center (IL) SYVADEC (SIRET) (FR) Environment Park SpA (IT)

The aim of SCOW, funded by the ENPI CBCMED Programme, is to develop low cost, technically simple and high quality biowaste collection and recycling models in territories with touristic areas and agricultural activity. SCOW wants to build up a sustainable, innovative and local treatment of the biowaste in decentralized small-scale composting plants, developed essentially in agricultural holdings situated near the biowaste production areas in the partners’ territories.
It will contribute to improve general waste management, closing the cycle of the organic matter in countries with an important lack of organic carbon at soil. It will also help to improve land structure and fertility, reducing desertification (applying compost to soils), global warming (avoiding the entrance of biodegradable materials to landfills and capturing carbon in soil) and landfilling capacity needs (reducing waste entrance). In addition, it will create new economic activity, even at waste collection and treatment sectors and compost selling.  The experience would be able to be reproduced in other Mediterranean zones, reducing impacts at source, through a simple management of the biowaste collection and treatment with the idea of self-sufficiency.

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