Erasmus+ Sport
Adaptive Surfing Camps for people with an impairment - First European Adaptive Surfing Seminar
01-2017 a 12-2017
Collaborative Partnerships
EU GRANT: 60,000 EUR
Project leader
Project partners
Surf Clube de Viana (PT), HAssociation Happy Wheels (IT)

The project intends to contribute to the overarching goal of improving sport accessibility to all, focusing in facilitating the sustainable development of Adaptive Surfing by:

1. Holding for the very first time a summit of adaptive surfing in the EU;

2. Enhancing education and raising awareness in general on sport for youngsters with an impairment and on adaptive surfing specifically as a new adaptive sport that includes sharing the experiences with youngsters without a disability.


The project objectives are: 

1. Improve the European Adaptive Surfing Network
2. Increase the number of people with an impairment practicing adaptive surfing in Europe by the implementation of daily programs: Italy implemented a summer program; Portugal implemented a yearly program.
3. Increase the variety of different impairment practicing adaptive surfing. As Visual Impairment in the Italian program and Physical Impairment in Portugal Program.
4. Improve the live for people with impairments.
5. Exchange of knowledge between European Adaptive Surfing Instructors, to improve the teaching methods, safety and equipment.
6. To empower Adaptive Surfing at European and International level in First European Adaptive Surfing Seminar.

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