ENI CBC MED Thematic objective: A.3 Promotion of social inclusion and the fight against poverty
Sircles - Supporting Circular Economy Opportunities for Employment and Social Inclusion
Priority: A.3.1 Professionalization of young people (NEETS) and women
EU GRANT: 3,400,000 EUR
Project leader
Agència de Residus de Catalunya (ES)
Project partners
TRAINING AND EMPLOYMENT LABOUR INSERTION COMPANY (ES), NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS (GR), ORGANIZATION EARTH (GR), House of Water and Environment (PS), EDAMA Association for Energy, Water and Environment (JO), Rene Moawad Foundation (LB), Tunisia ECOTOURISM (TN), Italian Composting and Biogas Association (IT), PIN S.c.r.l. Scientific and Educational Services for the University of Florence (IT).

The high rate of youth unemployment, in particular NEETs and women, in the Mediterranean basin has economic and social consequences that are not specific to one country, but rather impact all Mediterranean countries. These groups share common challenges like lack of education, unequal access to education and employment, mismatch of their skills with the needs of the labour market, and they suffer a difficult transition from school to work.  SIRCLES partners want to explore new employment opportunities by applying the circular economy model applied to the biowaste sector. The project will mainly focus on developing new capacities oriented to business development and separation, collection, composting and agriculture processes. The training will be tested through 7 pilot projects that address the hotel, food retail and household sectors, adjusted to the diverse local contexts of each territory involved in the project. Consequently, SIRCLES will contribute to the creation of green jobs by involving the most vulnerable sectors of the population and supporting environmental sustainability.

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