Transition - InnovaTive Resilient fArmiNg Systems in MedITerranean envIrONments
EU GRANT: 1.100.000,00 EUR
Project leader
Fundació Universitària Balmes
Project partners
FOREST SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CENTRE OF CATALONIA (ES), Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique d’Algérie (DZ), City of Scientific Research and Technological applications (EG), Association Française d’Agroforesterie (FR), Unité de recherche Écodéveloppement (FR), Landfiles (FR), National Observatory of Athens (GR), UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI CATANIA (IT)

The goal of TRANSITION is to pave the way for a transition towards resilient agriculture in the Mediterranean, maximizing the net positive impact on the environment, while increasing resilience of agroecosystems, rural societies and return on assets to farmers. This is done by analysing the most relevant innovative solutions in resilient agroforestry and mixed farming systems using a participatory approach. TRANSITION will i) identify appropriate strategies for adoption to improve resilience of the agriculture sector, including using locally-adapted genetic resources, unconventional water reuse and soil protection strategies ii) establish what are the environmental and socio-economic barriers to resilient agriculture implementation iii) quantify the system productivity and delivery of ecosystem services of existing systems and co-designed and replicable case studies and their effect on farmers’ livelihoods iv) empower the expansion of agroforestry and mixed farming systems through practical innovation and knowledge exchange and v) provide robust information which is useful to administrations in terms of measurable impacts and possible transition scenarios which maximize ecological services delivery and resilience of key Mediterranean cropping systems

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