09-2021 a 09-2024
EU GRANT: 549,055 EUR
Project leader
KID'S Cluster
Project partners
Nova Child (FR), Cluster del Valle, Lifestyle Design Cluster (DK)

KIDS will foster the internationalization of the children's industry by setting-up a European Children's Cluster (the ESCP-4i) to uncover & exploit the most promising international business opportunities for the children & family markets. KIDS follows a holistic approach of the industry, combining different value chains to meet the needs of kids between 0-12 years old. From food, childcare, hygiene & cosmetics, health, fashion & housing to toys, games, audiovisuals, leisure & education technologies. The project will explore new synergies with digital technologies and will integrate circular economy & a gender-based perspective in the development of new value chains towards third markets. The ESCP-4i is composed of 4 clusters from ES, FR & DK and will analyze the most convenient legal form and identify sources of funding to ensure a long-term sustainability. KIDS will first conduct a set of activities to create knowledge on its internal capacities, to identify strategic partners in Europe and to provide a radiography of the children's industry at EU level, which currently is missing. Transnational workshops to develop new value chains will be organized in the fringes of 2 International Exhibitions, with the participation of 40 SMEs. KIDS will analyze the international demand by commissioning studies on global international trends & 3 market research studies. This knowledge will be transferred to 60 SMEs through local trainings and will pave the way to the Joint Internationalization Strategy, which will be tested by rolling out 4 tools: i) 3 business missions abroad with 60 EU SMEs, 240 matchmaking events and at least 10 Business Agreements signed; ii) a panel of 3,000 parents in one market to monitor the international demand; iii) a joint branding strategy for the EU children's sector; iv) a soft landing service for EU SMEs in the 3 target markets. KIDS will impact 653 clusters members.

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