08-2022 a 11-2024
EU GRANT: 400,000 EUR
Project leader
European Football Development Network
Project partners
German Sports University (DE), University of Cyprus (CY), John Blankenstein Foundation (NL), European Hockey Federation (BE), Romanian Football Federation (RO), Malta Football Association (MT), Catalan Hockey Federation (ES), Czech Hockey Federation (CZ)

Participation in sport is a human right and everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy its physical, social & mental health benefits regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity. All-in&win aims to contribute to LGBT+ acceptance in sports & creating a safe & inclusive sports climate (with a particular focus on athletes’ wellbeing), thus contributing to E+Sport priority: Combating violence and tackling racism, discrimination & intolerance in sport. All-in&win focuses on increasing knowledge & awareness to recognize discrimination in grassroots sports and on how to be able to respond adequately.  


The project explores how Diversity & Wellbeing management can be effectively organized within sport organizations. The partnership has set these objectives: i) gather empirical results through research; ii) raise awareness in the sports community; iii) design, test & evaluate an innovative Pilot Programme to strengthen the capacities of sport organizations; iv) contribute to the design of better sports policies by sharing conclusions & connecting with EU policy makers. It will conduct an in-depth desk & field research (survey to 1,300 stakeholders from the sports sector & LGBT+ community), which will be complemented by a thorough needs assessment of sports federations and by the inspiration of international best practices.  


Based on this knowledge, a Pilot Programme encompassing counselling & mentoring, training (e-learning & off-line) &awareness raising campaigns will be tested by at least 1,500 stakeholders (athletes, coaches, managers, fans, referees, etc.) from 4 EU countries. The 1-year test will be closely monitored & evaluated to share conclusions with the EU sporting community & improve EU policies on social inclusion. All-in&win is a collaborative partnership of 9 organizations from 8 EU countries (BE, CY, CZ, DE, ES,MT, & NL, RO) combining 6 sports org., 2 academic institutions & 1 LGBT+ foundation. The project is led by EFDN, in replacement of the John Blankenstein Foundation who remains a project partner. 



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