COSME - Global Cosmetics Cluster Europe
09-2020 a 08-2021
EU GRANT: 449,374 EUR
Project leader
Project partners
Beauty Cluster Barcelona (ES), Beira Baixa Business Association (PT), Transylvania Lifestyle Cluster (RO), Polo Technologico della Cosmesi (IT), Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association (TR)

As further step of the previous “Cosmetics4Wellbeing” (COSME-Cluster Go International strand 1), Global Cosmetics Cluster -Europe ( is a 24 months project that intends to confirm a leading role in the representation of the cosmetics sector at the European stage.   
The general objective of Global Cosmetics Cluster Europe is to implement and test a Joint Internationalization Strategy (JIS) for the European Strategic Cluster Partnership–Going International (ESCP-4i), maximizing the potential of its cross-sectoral nature, developing new value chains and exploiting international opportunities for European SMEs, specially in 5 promising countries : Mexico, South Korea, USA, India, United Arab Emirates. 
To fulfill this objective, a set of Specific Objectives has been agreed among Project Partners :
•To encourage business, international and R&D cooperation across sectorial boundaries
•To focus on supporting SMEs in international accessing markets, in particular through an Acceleration Programme tackling these 5 targeted countries   
•To foster cooperation among cluster organisations and its members in the ESCP-4i
•To support the establishment of value chains (in particular in health, digital, agroindustry, circular economy) along with the cosmetics cross-sectorial industry 
•To develop a governance system and a common branding for the ESCP-4i to ensure active and sustainable collaboration among the different stakeholders;
•To promote and increase the visibility of as a cluster representing the whole value chain on cosmetics:  Aiming at beneficiating, directly and indirectly more than 1.500 SMEs, the is made of 6 Cosmetics and wellbeing Clusters from 5 EU countries and Turkey.

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Cosmetics4Wellbeing - EU Cosmetics Creative clusters: a driver to international wellbeing industry
12-2017 a 05-2019
EU GRANT: 199,226 EUR
Project leader
Project partners
Aebb - Associação Empresarial da Beira Baixa (PT), Transilvania LifeStyle (RO), Beauty Cluster Barcelona (ES), France Cluster (FR)

Cosmetics4Wellbeing is a partnership of 3 clusters (Cosmetic Valley, Beauty Barcelona Cluster, Transilvania Lifestyle Cluster), 1 network of clusters (France Cluster) and 1 business network (Beira Baixa Business Association), covering 4 European Member States (FR, ES, RO, PT).
The aim of the project is the creation and development of a European Strategic Cluster Partnership–Going International (ESCP-4i) in the cosmetics sector and related industries (Technology, Health and Agro-food), which is oriented towards increased internationalisation and strengthened sustainability of European SMEs.
The ESCP-4i has set 4 specific objectives:
1. Fostering cooperation among cluster organizations and its members in the ESCP-4i and across sectorial boundaries;
2. Promoting new value chains along the cosmetics cross-sectorial industry, geared towards international markets, based on inputs and needs from SMEs;
3. Developing a Joint Internationalization Strategy geared towards third key markets beyond Europe;
4. Developing a governance system and a common branding for the ESCP-4i to ensure active and sustainable collaboration among the different stakeholders;
The ESCP-4i represents more than 1,000 members, most of them SMEs (551), which are the project key target group.
To develop the Internationalization Strategy, the partnership will conduct several complementary actions: diagnosis of capabilities and SWOTs, development of cross-sectoral value chains, identification of international trends and most promising third markets, development and selection of internationalization tools and one exploratory action in one of these markets, with the participation of SMEs.
These actions will be complemented by training sessions to upgrade skills of SMEs and clusters’ staff.
The ESCP-4i will also develop a sound communication plan and a common brand&identity for the partnership, as well as a robust governance and sustainability plan to ensure a long-lasting cooperation beyond EU funding.

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