01-2016 a 12-2017
EU GRANT: 449,991 EUR
Project leader
INDESCAT - Catalan Sports Cluster
Project partners
Sport and Technology (NL), Flanders’ Bike Valley (BE), Cluster Montagne (FR), EPSI - European Platform for Sport Innovation (BE)

The general objective of EU4SportsClusters Alliance is to implement and test a Joint Internationalization Strategy for a European Strategic Sport Clusters Partnership (ESSCP), maximizing the potential of its cross-sectoral nature, developing new value chains and exploiting international opportunities for SMEs, specially those existing in third markets outside the EU.
The ESSCP is made of 4 Sport Clusters (INDESCAT, Sport and Technology, Flanders’ Bike Valley and Cluster Montagne) and EPSI, covering 4 countries (Belgium, France, Netherlands and Spain), and proposes an innovative approach to exploit the cross-sectoral nature of the sports industry and brings a new vision to the industry.
It defines one final consumer (the sports practitioner) and three main value chains that deliver products and services to these consumers:
i) sport events
ii) sport facilities &
iii) consumer goods and services.
Building from these value chains and its segmentation, the project will focus on its interaction with 6 traditional sectors:
i) tourism
ii) health
iii) food&nutrition
iv) IT
v) construction and vi) textile.
The Joint Internationalization Strategy will target three (3) third countries, carefully selected taking into account previous market research and consensus with sport clusters’ SMEs. These markets are the USA, Japan and China.
EU4SportsClusters Alliance will have a direct impact on 5 clusters and 823 clusters’ members (493 SMEs and 330 other institutions, such as big companies, technological and research centres, universities, etc.).

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